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Finally... surety bonds and insurance programs for Canadian contractors and suppliers like you

  • Interested in bidding on public contracts? Is a general contractor asking for bonds?
  • Tired of paying large annual fees for a couple of bonds a year?
  • No time to put together the significant package required for a bond facility?
  • Unable to meet financial requirements?

Here is what we bring to the table:

  • Electronic Bonds available when required
  • Licensed in ALL provinces
  • 12 Offices across Canada
  • Long established and respected Bond Companies
  • Staff with 30 years Canadian surety experience
  • No company financial statements required
  • Quick turnaround time, usually within 48 hours for new applicants to the program
  • Discount Programs for Participating Construction Associations
  • Easy to use web-based systems allow for fast application

Once our underwriting of your application is complete we may be in a position to offer you acceptance into one of our programs - the largest of which is designed for projects valued to a maximum of $1,000,000. On occasion if the conditions are right we are sometimes able to stretch that limit a bit.

If your needs are significantly or consistently larger we would be pleased to work with you to pursue a traditional bond facility with any number of Canadian bonding companies.

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In the past 8 years we have guaranteed construction contracts with a combined value of $200,000,000 and nearly $750,000,000 in tenders - one small contract at a time for over 1000 Canadian companies!


We have distribution offices across the country.


Webinars will soon be held on a quarterly basis with the first one happening at 4pm EST on October 2, 2019. Details to follow